Pearl Izumi Sprint Shoes : Long Term

When we left off with the Pearl Izumi Sprint Shoes back in October I was using this shoe as my daily commuter shoe 3-5 times a week. The thread and sneaker look made it very easy to climb on to buses, walk on slick interior floors and still have a stiff sole for pedaling and cleats to clip into my pedals.

After using these shoes for 2.5 months I decided to put them into the back of my closet as rainy day reserves. In the end I am a shoe snob. Having used high end Sidi shoes that retail for well over $250 I have over the years acquired a fine taste or feel for well support, light weight shoes.

This shoe will be great for the recreational cyclist that is just starting out with clip less pedals. Maybe you are interested in the convertible pedals that have a platform on one side and clips on the other. You could easily use this shoe with either side of that pedal.

Picture of pedal mentioned.

As the width of the toe box does run bigger it allowed me to run warmer socks when the weather turned cold. This also made the shoe feel a tad clunkier than I am used to. The sole was so wide that often out of the saddle I rubbed my feet on the crank arms. Yes, this often happens to people but with narrow “girly” feet I have never managed to touch a crank arm.

Overall I give this shoe a 3 out of 5

Performance a 2 out of 5

Appearance a 4 out of 5

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