New Commute Woes

Recently I moved to a new location outside of Charlotte, NC.   My original commute was 25 miles of a bi-modal commute, utilizing the bus for 19 miles and my bike for 6.   The commute normally took 45 minutes to an hour and was a wonderful ride on my bike through Davidson, NC.   On the weekends the bus didn’t run so I would ride my bike the total length of the commute.

Recently my shop opened a second location in Charlotte and, personally, I moved 17 miles north of the shop to rural Mooresville. Here’s the down fall, the bus runs but not when I need it to.   I often work until 7-8pm and the bus to Mooresville does not run that late.   Riding down a rather busy 2 lane road through Huntersville, NC is a death wish.   There are no cut thrus, bi passes or beaten paths to find for safety.

This has run me into many issues.   Currently we are a one car household, with two children and a spouse I would rather be riding to leave the car for them and my commute is often my hour or two to myself during the day.

What are your recommendations.   I’ve found that I will be able to ride in to work as the roads are not that busy, but to get home I’m going to catch a ride with friends or coworkers that live near me.   This isn’t my preference and I hope to figure something else out that means riding more.

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