Cold weather bike storage: Indoor or out?

For those continuing to commute in the cold weather we’re having in the USA right now, do you bring your bike inside or keep it outside?

A potential problem with bringing your bike in to warm: The snow and slush thaws, then the following morning the dampness refreezes, rendering your brake and shifter cables potentially useless. Bringing a cold bike into a warm house also results in condensation inside the tubes, which may hasten corrosion in steel bikes.

(It was partly frustration over cold weather mechanical problems that prompted me to strip the cables from my old Centurion and convert it to fixed gear several years ago.)

If you do bring your bike indoors, how do you protect your floor? If you normally bring your bike into your work place, have you changed your routine for the cold and wet weather? I’m fortunate enough to have secure, outdoor bike parking, but I know some people park their bikes over a rug or plastic door mat.

What are some cold weather bike parking and storage tips you’d like to share?

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