Christmas Bike Trailer (Custom Bike Trailer)

Once again our friend Ryan Cooper has contacted us about another one of his bike trailer creations. This one is perfect for the Christmas Special Bike Trailer Season. As you may remember Ryan is the mastermind behind the Billy the Boombox box bike trailer that we posted about back in August. This time around Ryan has built a Christmas Sleigh bike trailer that provides the rider and spectator with an array of blinking lights. Ryan was kind enough to tell us about his trailer and send us some pictures and even a short video of his Sleigh in action.

The Origin of The Project:

“This one was built for the local “Tour de Lights” ride. This ride took place in December encouraged folks to dress up and decorate their bikes then ride through some of Knoxville’s historic neighborhoods in a festive parade.”

“I love building stuff, and I love getting peoples attention, and I love bikes so a holiday themed bicycle costume party gets me excited like Michael Jackson at a cub scout meeting. I knew I had to make something so over-the-top that would turn heads even in a sea of decorated bikes. I had been playing with the idea of making a trailer for my bike anyway so I decided to integrate that into the decorations. What holiday item could a trailer be turned into? A sleigh!”

In the Workshop:

I began building the trailer from hand bent steel tubing and dimensional pine lumber. I then built the sleigh onto the trailer.
The sleigh is made of luanne (sp?) board painted and glitter finished for a little extra holiday sparkle. I lighted the bike with almost 100 LED’s. In total I ran almost 100 volts of total power to illuminate the bike and trailer.”

The Event:

“I took first place in Best Decorated Bike. There were about 180ish people there and about 75% of them had some form of decorations on their bodies and/or bikes. It was a fun time and I’m already brainstorming for the TdL’08.”

Many thanks to Ryan Cooper for his great ideas and passion, we cant wait to see what he comes up with next!

Here at the Bike Trailer Blog we love to hear from the ever growing population of bike trailer owners. If you have made or modified your bike trailer please drop me a line at and show us what you pull. Let us know if your doing something with a bike trailer or come across someone like this biker with the holiday bug.

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