BrightKiters Bike to Work in Denver

Brightkite is a relatively new start-up in the social networking space. They’re tired of social networks that tie you to your cubicle or your desk at home. They wanted something mobile. Something that fostered real-life interaction with people near you. I suppose it’s not surprising that they like their bicycles.

Simply “Check in” where you’re at, and you can see recent visitors or those around you. Needless to say, BrightKite isn’t for those who are overly secretive, but you can be as vague (United States) or as specific (1600 pennsylvania ave, 20500) as you want.   I usually avoid checking in at specific addresses when it’s somewhat private like my home or office, but check in publicly when I’m somewhere social like a coffee shop, airport or concert hall.

Anyhow, I’m “e-friends” with a few of the people that work there, and I saw this photo that one of them posted from Brightkite HQ:

I guess today was a great day for a bike ride in Denver. At least they get indoor bicycle parking.   I wish I could say the same.   I thought it was neat to see bicycle commuting culture by people who really just love their bikes in the Internet start-up world.

Right now, Brightkite is in closed beta, but I do have 7 invites left. If it’s the kind of thing that interests you, leave your email address and note your desire for an invite. Only CBB staff can see your email address, and I will only use it to invite you.

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