Salsa Fargo, 29er Touring

We’ve decided to start a new section of the Bike Trailer Blog to feature bikes we like. These will generally be bikes for touring, commuting and carrying cargo.

To kick this this off, I thought I’d post up this new touring machine from Salsa. The Salsa Fargo looks like a great touring bike for mixed touring, meaning tours that go from road to trail and everything in between. The 29er wheels seem like a great choice for this mixed use. And as far as mixed use goes, while the bike seems a great fit for running 29er mountain bike tires, if your route keeps you mainly on road, running 700c tires is always an option as well. For a tour that switches between long stretches of both road and off-road, bringing two sets of folding tires, would be a simple approach with this bike (and you’ll always have back up tires).

Disc brakes will provide plenty of stopping power for a loaded rig. The rear disc brakes are placed between the seat stay and chain stay for plenty of clearance for your rear bike racks.
The drop bars offer plenty of hand positioning and the bike features all the braze-ons you’ll need for racks, fenders and a plethora of water bottles (including two on the sides of the fork). This looks like a great machine for transporting bike bags or bike trailers.

Here are some more thoughts on this bike from Commute By Bike, Gnat Likes Bikes and Bike Hugger On You Tube.

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