"Extreme Security" from Kryptonite`

Introducing the New York Legend bike lock….

Kryptonite New York Legend

Kryptonite had this monstrous chain lock on display at Interbike last September. I nearly herniated myself when I lifted this beast from the display.

Kryptonite says the 3T tempered steel 15 mm rounded links and its provided Kryptonite New York Padlock provides “extreme security for high crime areas.” Chain is encased in a nylon sleeve to protect paint from scratches and allows for tight coiling during storage. The New York Padlock is armor-plated with shrouded 16mm thick shackle and features a hardened double deadbolt design.

According to Kryptonite, the New York Legend resists attacks from bolt cutters, saws, chisels, files and hammers longer than any other Kryptonite chain lock.

Other thoughtful design elements includes a pass through end link to resist prying attacks on the padlock shackle, a pick and drill resistant cylinder on the padlock, and hook-and-loop retention strips on the nylon sleeve so it doesn’t slide around and bunch up at one end of the chain.

Kryptonite New York Legend

The three foot chain weighs about 10 pounds; the five foot chain comes in at a hefty 16 pounds. The folks at Kryptonite envision this as “a destination security item” rather than something you tote along everywhere you go.

The New York Legend, which will be available in the USA and Canada by March 2009, includes up to $4,500 in bike theft insurance, Kryptonite’s highest. MSRP is $159.95 for the three foot lock; $209.95 for the five foot lock.

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