Light up Your Trailer, the mLite Sale

The days are getting shorter and its much easier to get caught out after dark on the commute home or with that afternoon ride. If you’ve got a cargo or child trailer in tow, we’ve got a clever light that will mount on your bike trailer’s safety flag for extra high up visibility. We’re celebrating this great, bike-trailer-specific light with a sale at the You can also get a free one with the purchase of many of our trailers.

This pic is from our recent tour in the UK looking back past the 2 mLites on our flag at the steep climb we’d just completed.

Along with lights for winter riding, its time to look into getting set up with some good cold weather cycling attire, perhaps something from the Neolithic era…

I should also mention that the long awaited Burley Nomad and Burley Flatbed are back in stock after about 3 months of back order status. We had our largest shipping day ever today as we got over 50 bike cargo trailers underway to our soon to be happy customers.

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