Xtracycle Build up : Anatomy

Arleigh is building, documenting and writing out her build up of a Salsa Ala Carte mountain bike with 650b wheels and a Xtracycle Free Radical Kit. This is an on going series so stay tuned for more installments.

Now on to explain the Xtracycle frame what all the holes, poles and brackets are for. Going from the left to right of the picture below. There are somethings I’m sure I left out, please refer to the diagram for exact explanations of all parts, pieces and bars.

Lovely isn’t it?

Top & Bottom Stays with Tongue – This is the part that will bolt right behind your seat tube & bb junction, between your chainstays. Also can be used to aid you in carrying the Free Radical equipped bike upstairs.

Front Bridge, Dropout Boss, Boss Hog, FreeLoader Boss – The Front Bridge is the piece that goes straight across and holds it all together. The Dropout Boss is where a 32mm bolt will slide through to get to through the other side to the Boss Hog. The Boss Hog rest against the outsides of your dropouts. It is slightly grooved to help bite and keep everything tight. The FreeLoader Boss is threaded for a bolt and chain ring bolt and the FreeLoader attachment clips to the bolt to stay snug. The black circle you see is one of the two spaces a WideLoader attachment slides into and snaps into place.


Kickstand Plate, Serial Number and Weight Load Table
– Very self explanatory. Kickstand plate is where the kickstand bolts to. The serial number keeps track of the Xtracycle for warranty, and theft protection. The weight load table is important when you’re carrying loads, gaining weight or lack common sense.


Need brake post photo here –


Disc Brake Mount, Xtracycle Dropout and Fender Eyelets . The disc brake mount is made for 203mm rotors. Do not forget this, or you’ll regret it and run around for a day (like me) with out a rear brake.) The Dropout is where your rear wheel mounts into the Xtracycle frame. Fender eyelets are key in Portland, Seattle, when carrying precious cargo like children or wives in the rain and if you plan on riding in gravel. I’m a big fan of fenders and think you will be too.


Rear Upright, Rear Bridge and FreeLoader BossRear uprights is the second half of what the FreeRadical kit slides into. Rear bridge is NOT a step. FreeLoader Boss, like above is made to use a bolt and chainring bolt for the FreeRadical to snap into to tighten.

Not pictured – Brake Post, Derailleur Hanger, Tube of Gibratter. Please refer to diagram above for exacts

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