Natural cleansing wipes

In 2005, Martha Van Inwegen’s mother was suffering from cancer. While she watched her mother deteriorate, she tried a number of palliatives to ease some of the suffering and created what would eventually become the basis of natural Action Wipes wet wipes. They’re great for those who need a quick wipe down after a ride to work or home.

These are not your standard nursery wet wipes, but extra large cloth-like wipes that, frankly, work much better than the thin, tiny wipes I’m used to seeing. The fabric of the cloth is thicker and not prone to disintegrating into nothing — I haven’t tried putting them in the wash, but Martha tells me the wipes can be washed and reused multiple times. I can actually scrub like I do with a normal washcloth.

Action Wipes are made with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. In spite of the slightly astringent odor of the eucalyptus, there’s no “tingly” feel when I scrub my skin with Action Wipes. Even after a sweaty hard ride home, I just feel clean after using Action Wipes. There’s no oily, scummy residue afterwards, and the eucalyptus oil smells just like a refreshing Pacific coast breeze.

If you use wipes for personal hygiene for cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, I can easily recommend Action Wipes wet wipes. Martha is lining up dealers, but in the meantime you can purchase packs online.

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