Interbike: Exciting new Xtracycle options

Xtracycle is a an amazing product that has changed a lot of people’s lives for the better. Their system allows you to take any bike and convert it into long bike to carry a big load.

However, there have been some gaping holes in their offerings.

Thankfully they’ve addressed many of these concerns with their newest additions to the Xtracycle product line.When I reviewed the Surly Big Dummy (a full frame built to use the Xtracycle system), my biggest annoyance was the kickstand. Once you get any kind of big load on the bike you would see that thin piece of metal start to develop a precarious bend. Plus, I was constantly having to maneuver the bike to sit just right on an incline so it wouldn’t topple over.

This problem will be no more with the new KickBack kick stand. It’s built from CroMoly, has adjustable legs and automatically flips back when you start your roll. No more worries of your loaded bike hitting the ground or making sure you’ve leaned it just right on that incline. MSRP: $139

Another major problem people have had with Xtracycle is the requirement to use their own proprietary FreeLoader bags. In order to make the Free Radical more “open source” and touring friendly, they’ve expanded these options.

The new Adventure Rack is built to fit the Free Radical and accept standard panniers. Also, the TekDeck snaps on top with strap eyelets to allow you to easily tie down a bedroll (or beverage).

I do have one issue with this new addition to their product line… the price. The Adventure Racks are $75 a piece and the TekDeck rings up at $89. That’s a total of $239. The original long tail kit that includes two V-racks, two FreeLoaders and a Snap Deck is only $279. So this new system is only $40 cheaper and you have to supply your own bags. I would have liked to see the price point come in lower to allow people a cheaper entry into the Xtracycle life if they already have their own bags.

Also new to the 2009 line up is the Xtracycle Radish. A complete bike that comes ready to long tail your way to happiness. This beauty of a bike comes at a reasonable $1199 and includes all of this:

  • Xtracycle-specific Chromoly frame, mated to a painted-to-match FreeRadical.
  • Steel fork.
  • 26″x2.125″ Tires
  • Rear 8′ (203mm) disc brakes, V-brake front.
  • 8-speed rear derailleur with a generous gear range.
  • Chainguard and full-coverage fenders.
  • Full Xtracycle Longtail kit with Freeloader bags and Snap Deck comes standard.
  • Glowspeck LED Pedals for safety and visibility.

(this picture of the Radish has different specs from the above)

Check out all the   new Xtracycle accessories.   There’s sure to be something that will fit your style and needs.

I’ll leave you with this… my car never sat unused as much as when I was using Xtracycle. It will change your life.

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