Biria bicycles

Biria USA imports their Euro-designed bikes from their parent company in Germany. They have a nice looking design with a step through frame that allows riders to mount the bike without dislocating anything.

They’ve sold an electric bike in Germany for the past couple of years. Biria’s American dealers kept asking for the electric bike. Biria will bring their eBike to America beginning next March for about $1700. A Lithium Ion battery provides about two hours of riding at 15 to 18 mph. According to Biria, dealer reception at Interbike has been tremendous.

Biria will also launch their National Breast Cancer Foundation special edition bike on March 1, 2009. This is their standard step through bike but with some nice Pink Ribbon graphics.

According to Biria, Florida is their biggest market in the United States, with their busiest North American shops in Toronto and Vancouver. For more details about their commuter bikes and a dealer list, visit Biria.US. I took photos but they disappeared from my computer (!) so I’ll try again later tonight or maybe tomorrow. These are great looking commuter bikes.

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