Interbike: The Loring – an affordable, practical side of Civia

Last year Civia caused quite the stir when they launched their brand with the Hyland line that started at $2500 and quickly went up. After giving the Hyland a ride I was less than impressed with the comfort and versatility of the bike. However this year Civia is releasing their new line, the Loring. A gorgeous bike that is much more practical for most riders.

Civia designed the Loring with trips of 2-5 miles in mind. It’s a perfect grocery getter and townie bike that is extremely beautiful.

Where the Hyland focused on high-speed performance over comfort, the Loring hits the mark for comfort with a steel frame and upright riding style.

The bike comes stock with the bamboo plank fenders and racks. and has post mount disc brakes to keep the lines of the bike looking nice. They dropped the sliding drop out idea for simplicity and to keep cost down and they offer a 3-speed and 9-speed version with SRAM’s popular I-motion internal hub system.

The prices of the Loring are also much more on the affordable side and I think are definitely worth it for the combination of comfort, performance and beauty.


9-Speed Complete: $1610

3-Speed Complete: $1380

Frame/Fork: $650

Bamboo Fenders (full coverage): $80

Front Rack: $145

Rear Rack: $80

Also available for the first time from Civia is their new branded Ortlieb bags.

The bags are water proof, work as panniers on the rear rack, have reflective bits and will MSRP for approx $110.

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