Interbike: Crumpler Hydration, Luggage and Masks

Crumpler is the rad bag company out of Australia.   Last year I reviewed their Part and Parcel bag (which I’m carrying here at the show) and this year they’ve expanded into other areas of carrying your stuff around.   Hydration packs, luggage and even bags that can double as masks are all now in the Crumpler brand.

The Bumper Issue hydration packs are built to take some liquid along for the ride.   It accommodates a standard size hydration bladder and tube.   Has spots to strap in spare tubes, pump, etc.   Several zippered pockets and even am emergency whistle built into one of the buckles.

MSRP: $95

The new luggage line from Crumpler has a water resistant 900D polyester outer shell, reinforced sidewalls, multiple internal and sidewalk pockets and plenty of spaces for organization and easy access.   The three sizes include:

The Period Charmer, 2066 in. volume, 10 lbs, $350

The Mock Tudor, 2967 in. volume, 10.1 lbs, $450

The Free-Standing Edwardian, 4984 in. volume, 12.8 lbs, $520

The Toshi Squirts is a range of four limited-edition messenger bags, best described by the rods of Crumpler co-founder, Will Miller:

Recently I was dining at my local Japanese restaurant, owned by a hospitable character named Toshi.   Unfortunately I was struck with a sudden rumbling in the lower regions, stormy weather was approaching.   Another case of The Toshi squirts was forecast.   I was placed in the unfortunate dilemma of there being no lavatory cubicles available in Toshi’s fine WC, they were fully booked.   Rather than breaking into a complete panic right away, I remembered a helpful tip my esteemed colleague David Roper once gave me when he found himself in a similar situation.   “Down with the slacks and mount th washbasin, no time to loose old boy” was David’s advice.   Relief.   Vulgar as this may sound, actually the washbasin is both a lavatory and a bidet built into one and after all it is all the same pipes leading to the same pit…isn’t it.   Then I simple placed my Crumpler bag over my head, ah internal privacy.   however the thought of sitting, el natural on a washbasin with a bag over my head conjured up some in-human like visions.   Thus the Toshi Squirts was born.   Turn this bag inside out and you have internal privacy with external personality – to be appreciated by other lav-patrons the world over.

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