10 Worst Car Commutes

“Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $78 billion a year, wasting 2.9 billion gallons of fuel and robbing commuters of 4.2 billion hours.”

This article from Weather.com lists the top ten worst cities for commuting.

Here they are:

10. Detroit
9. San Jose
8. Riverside – San Bernardino
7. Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington
6. Houston
5. Washington D.C.
4. San Diego
3. Atlanta
2. San Francisco
1. Los Angeles

I grew up in a suburb just south of Atlanta and got out about 9 years ago.   However I still visit quite often and am always surprised by the amount of traffic congestion that exists.   There’s a number of people that commute from two to three hours away, and more and more people are getting apartments in the city where they live Monday through Friday so they can skip the commute.

When are people in charge going to figure out that more cars and roads aren’t going to fix the problem?

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