2009 Masi Bikes Commuter Preview

Last year saw a lot of good things come out of the once road-only Masi Bikes.   Last year saw the release of the Caffe Racer, Speciale Commuter and SoulVille.   All three models are selling well with the Speciale and SoulVille selling out as quickly as they can be stocked.   Masi 2009 shows more variations of the popular models as well as a new touring specific bike.

First up, the ever popular SoulVille is growing up and getting some gears.   The bike’s aesthetics have been top notch since day one, but rolling a 1-speed comfort bike in hilly terrain is not my cup of fun.   And even though they’ve gotten 3 and 7 speed versions, adding a 10-speed option with SRAM shifters will make the choice all that more enticing for many riders.   This new SoulVille will be available in early November and will retail for $1195.

(click the pictures to see them bigger)

And for those of you still waiting for the SoulVille Mixte (step through version), looks like you may still be waiting.   Their on their way now, but every one of them is already spoken for.

Next up is the new color of the Speciale fixed gear.   The current color is Shamrock green, and this new yellow is a nice addition:

And last, but certainly not least, is the new Speciale Randonneur.   While I don’t have all the specifics yet, this is their new touring bike that is, as Brand Manager Tim Jackson says, “kick ass”.   The MSRP is $1145 and it is also due to hit shore in early November.

What do you think of Masi’s new offerings?

Look for more information once Interbike rolls around…

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