Fisher El Ranchero longtail bicycle

Trek World is Trek’s annual show where they show dealers what to expect over the coming year. I’ll have more about some exciting new bikes like the Trek District, a redesigned Soho (with belt drive) and others later, but first I want to mention Fisher’s El Ranchero cargo bicycle.

The El Ranchero looks superficially like a tandem with a large rear rack, but the ‘stoker’ position is a child seat with no pedals. The rear rack looks like it has a humongous cargo capacity, like the Surly Big Dummy and other similar longtail bikes.

The El Ranchero is just a concept bike, but you’ll recall that the Fisher Simple City was also introduced as a concept bike. Trek now reports that the Simple City series of bikes have been tremendously successful. If enough consumers clamor for the El Ranchero, perhaps we’ll see this cargo bike sometime next year.

You can spy some photos of the El Ranchero and other bikes at Trek World at Bicycle Design.

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