Swobo's bike designer

Swobo is a favorite among a couple of the editors at Commute By Bike, and I was delighted to see this interview with Sky Yaeger. Sky, who left her product management position at Bianchi USA two years ago to design bikes for Swobo, talks about her design influences and philosophy in the interview.

Sky predicts that if gas prices continue to increase, bicycle ridership and sales will increase as well. She hopes the component companies will spend their R&D developing technology that is more useful and helpful to casual cyclists. She wants to see better internal hub gearing, for example, and disc brakes that don’t rub. Sky also wants the technology to be invisible “so casual cyclists are not intimidated by suspension components, multiple chainrings and shifters with 4 levers.”

It’s nice reading her insights. Read the interview here. I should mention that Cycloculture, where the interview is posted, is “a journal dedicated to cycling in the real world.” There’s some good stuff there.

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