Le Tour! The Tour de France

Have you noticed anymore road bikes on your commute.   This morning, I added two “roadies” to my mental catalogue of fellow commuters.   Could it be because of the Tour de France.   Quite possibly, according to the owner of my local bike shop.   He says road bike sales generally go up during the last two weeks of the 23-day, 21-stage race.

The race started on Saturday, July 5th, with tomorrow’s stage being one of two individual time trials.   I was drawn in by le Tour during the Lance years, and I always find the time trials to be interesting for the overall race but somewhat boring to watch as a stage.

Some Links:

The official site can be found here: www.letour.fr (English)

Streaming video and audio can be found here: www.cyclingfans.com.   I can’t seem to find an English video feed, so make sure to check out the page with the Sputnik video feed with the Eurosport UK audio feed.   When I watched it earlier today, the audio lagged the video by a minute or so.

It looks like Commute by Bike contributor, Fritz has some interesting links up at Cyclelicious.

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