Back on the Bike (plus, two new additions to two families)

Today was my first commute by bike in close to a month. Here’s the reason…

Maxwell Timothy Grahl was born on 6/26 at 11pm. Weighing in at 8lb 11oz, he was quite the bruiser.

Obviously, I took a break from bike commuting due to the looming need to rush home and pick up my laboring wife.

For the last week we’ve been getting settled in as Candace, Conner (our two and a half old) and I adjust to the new addition to the family. Thankfully he’s sleeping long stretches during the night and, in general, making life pretty easy on us.

This morning’s ride was exciting as it was my first time back after a long stretch of driving, plus I escorted a first time commuter to his office.

A good friend of mine recently moved close to my neighborhood and decided he wanted to give riding to work a chance so I met him at his house and road along with him to his office then swung through my town’s one and only bike path to get back to my office. It was a glorious ride on a beautiful morning and it felt amazing to be back on the bike.

So in the last week we’ve had two new additions to two different families…

A new son to my family.

And a new commuter to our family.

I’ll leave you with a picture from the hospital of me and my two wonderful sons.

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