SealLine Urban Backpack : Long Term Review

For the past couple months the SealLine Urban Backpack has been my go-to bag for commuting and trekking in general. The bag has gone through rain, pouring rain, very hot 100 degree days and a couple off road crashes. Still, it looks close to new, no damages to the water protect material and I think the “air bag” that it makes when closed saved me a couple times.

The key features I really enjoyed :

Roll top with elastic closure – This has allowed me to shove too much in the bag or tighten down the hatch when there is little.

Vented back and shoulder pads – Riding down the street with a breeze I can really feel air flow getting to my back and shoulders.

Comfort – The straps are adjustable to figure out the bag correctly on your back. not only at the base but at the top for correct weight distribution. Often, I would be carrying my laptop, clothes, cords and a couple books in this medium size bag while riding a stretched out road bike. Never once did I have back pains on my 9 mile commute.

A few other notes about this bag –

  • There is no padding on the bottom so I often would throw a t-shirt or clothes at the bottom of the bag to protect my laptop.
  • The material is very heavy and if not positioned right on your back can cause a very sweaty back.
  • Get the organizer for inside, it saved me many time from digging around the bottom of the bag.

Overall I would give this bag a 4.5 out of 5.   It has replaced my 8 year old Timbuk2 bag which is saying something.   I enjoy not having to worry about what the weather is going to be like or which bike I might ride.   It worked well on my back on a mountain bike, commuter/hybrid, road bike and even running.   Due to it being a back pack design I never worried about something falling out or my messenger flap not being tight enough…   If you are looking for something that will do well in all occasions pick this up.   If you are looking for a wonder bag that will be perfect in hot Atlanta heat and with tons of padding/pockets – this isn’t for you.

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