Old bike stuff selling like hotcakes

First this: Obama meets with Bikes Belong board of directors and pledges funding for cycling

Then this: 27″ tire sales up — those are the kinds of tires that go on old 10 speeds from the 70s.

And this: are bike shops selling the bikes that new bikers want?

And finally an anecdote: One of my bus riding buddies had her car stolen (!). She wants to replace it with — wait for it — a bicycle. The bike she has now was purchased when she was a teen in the 70s. She asked me what type of bike to get. I pointed her to the “Commute Bikes” section of this website, and recommended the Breezer Villager in particular. She’s very short and wants something with a step through frame and really liked the look of the Villager.

Are your friends asking you for bike advice?

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