Monday Morning Reading

It’s Monday morning and we’re all still wishing it was the weekend.

In order to help distract you from doing your work, I’ve put together a series of commuter related links to websites and blogs that will give your fill of daily commute by bike readings.

Hint: Alt + Tab (or Command + Tab on a Mac) on your keyboard takes you back to the last program you were working on. i.e. your real work.

Google News – A great source for all news on the web, however there are a couple features you may not know about:

  • Google Alerts – Run a search and on the left sidebar there will be a link to “News Alerts”. This will email you links to new articles that match your search as they become available
  • Search RSS – If you’re into the Really Simple Syndication thing, run a search and on the left sidebar there will be a link to “RSS”. Under the “Bike Commuter News” on the right sidebar, one of the feeds we are pulling in is the Google News search.

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commute Tips Blog – One of the best bike commuter blogs on the net. He keeps up with the news really well and consistently inspires me to stay on two wheels. If you have time to only check one site a day, pick Paul’s site over this one. Commuting Forum – While forums aren’t personally my thing, the commuting forum at is one of the most popular spots for commuters across the net. A great place to learn from fellow riders.

Bike Commuters – A funky and down-to-earth approach to commuting by bike. Lots of product reviews and tips. Ghost Rider, a frequent commenter here on CBB, is one of their regular contributors.

Cyclelicious – This blog run by Commute by Bike contributor, Fritz, covers all things bike and commuter related. If you’re a fan of his writings here, you’ll love his site.

City Life

There are a ton of blogs that are city specific… here’s a run down of just a few…

Bike Portland – THE blog of blogs for living by bike. Portland is the mecca for bike riding in the US and Jon Maus covers it all on his popular blog. (side note: I helped him setup his blog when he first got going. Now he kicks my ass in readership. Rock on Jon!)

KC Bike Commuting – Kansas City commuting written by Commute by Bike contributor, Noah.

Bike Commuting in Columbus, OH

Bike Greenville, SC

Chicago Bike Blog

What sites do you bike sites do you ready daily?

[Update: Fixed the Alt+Tab thing above per Fritz’s comment]

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