Top Ten Worst Cities for Bike Theft (plus, how to lock your bike)

Kryptonite Locks

Every year Kryptonite Locks releases their top ten list of the worst cities in America for bike theft. The big surprise this year is, after nine consecutive years, New York was knocked from their top spot (third actually). Also, there was a new city added… New Haven, CT.

Here they all are…

Kryptonite’s Top 10 Worst Cities for Bike Theft

1. Philadelphia, PA

2. Chicago, IL

3. New York City, NY

4. San Francisco, CA

5. Tucson, AZ (tie)

Portland, OR (tie)

7. Denver, CO

8. New Haven, CT

9. Cambridge, MA

10. Austin, TX

Click Here to read the whole report.

Also, if you’re into keeping your bike, check out this page on Kryptonite’s website with their tips on how to lock your bike.

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