What are the top cities for bicycle commuting?

As Commute by Bike continues to be the most visited resource for bike commuters on the web, I’m able to take a look at our stats and see where people are reading from and get a good feel for the top locations for commuting by bike.

The top ten cities in the US are:

  1. Chicago
  2. Minneapolis
  3. New York
  4. Seattle
  5. Portland
  6. Austin
  7. Washington
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Denver
  10. San Francisco

Here is a heat map of the US that shows dots over all the cities with the largest amounts of readers:

These are the top ten worldwide cities:

  1. London
  2. Vancouver
  3. Melbourne
  4. Weston
  5. Sydney
  6. Calgary
  7. Arlington
  8. East York
  9. Ottawa
  10. Winnipeg

Some of those top cities surprised me and some didn’t. But as you can see, they are all major metro areas.

What’s the encouraging part?

Those top 20 cities only account for 18% of all the traffic to this site. That means 82% of the traffic to this site is coming from all across the US and world. There are many times when we look to some of these cities as the holy land for bike commuters, but it’s extremely exciting to know there are people using their bike for transportation in every corner of our world.

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