Basil bags now available at YOUR local bike shop

Basil panniers from Seattle Bike Supply

I and many of you have gone ga ga over the beautiful panniers and bags available from Basil Bags in the Netherlands. I loved them so much I bought for my wife last year from Clever Cycles of Portland, OR, which had arranged their own import deal.

I learned just today that the big bike parts distributor Seattle Bike Supply has been importing Basil Bags since last November! They carry the Blossom pannier, the Blossom messenger bbag, a handy handlebar b bag, the waterproof Forest p pannier, the Jasmin messenger bag, some beautiful canvas panniers, and panniers that also double as shopping bags.

To get these bags, visit your Local Bike Shop and ask them to order these bags for you from the SBS Catalog. SBS keeps these items stocked at their warehouse in Kent, WA for next day delivery to the bike shop.

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