New Pedros Trixie tool

Pedros is well known for their bike care products and for being a very environmentally minded company. They’ve recently picked up some new investors and gotten a new infusion of cash. During the press conference yesterday I asked what they would be doing with their new found money and they said:

We’re very interested and aware of the transportation and utility bike segment. I think that’s very very important. It’s the underpinngins of what we see as sustainability. […] I think you’ll see a lot more in the transportation and utility area from us.

Although they wouldn’t give up to much information on new products, they did show us the new Pedros Trixie tool. This small item is packed with features.

  1. Lockring tool
  2. Pin hole to make your own chain whip (going with the green theme, they want you to use an old piece of chain to make your chain whip)
  3. Spoke wrench
  4. 15mm wrench
  5. 5mm allen wrench
  6. 3 sizes of hex style wrenches
  7. Bottle opener (a must!)
Pedros Trixie Tool
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