Georgia Cyclist Will Carry the Olympic Torch

Congratulations to Bonnie Bobbitt of Fayetteville, GA! This fellow cyclist will be carrying the Olympic Torch on it’s route to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Bonnie will be one of 80 Americans to carry the Olympic Flame during the San Francisco leg of the Relay, the only U.S. stop during the torch’s world tour.

“Judy Jaeger, a friend from Bobbitt’s sorority alumni group, nominated Bobbitt because of her dedication to cycling and bicycle safety.”

Also from the article:

“As a cycling enthusiast, Bobbitt has spent the past eight years advocating for government funding to increase bicycle safety and awareness in the metro-Atlanta area.

In 2002, she successfully lobbied for the reinstatement of federal funding for a multi-use path. Nearly a year later she uncovered an opportunity for transportation funding for the city of Fayetteville.

Working with local officials, Bobbitt led the charge in increasing the “Share the Road” signage throughout Fayette County.

Additionally, Bobbitt helped put together and distribute the “Georgia Bicycle Law Enforcement Pocket Guide,” which consolidates all of Georgia’s bicycle laws for police and cyclists alike.”

Bonnie will be jogging with the torch … and I guess that makes sense:

“The bike might not be the right size and it’s tough to carry things while riding. Also San Francisco is very hilly,” Bobbitt explained. “The last thing I would want to do is wreck with the Olympic Torch.”

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