Bike Trailer Sound Systems

Bike Trailer Music SystemWhile most of you are probably just concerned with a good bike trailer for bike touring or getting your groceries home with, there is a growing scene of eclectic and sometimes inspiring ways to make further use of bicycle cargo trailers.

Bicycles and music are finding a union through bicycle trailers. In bike festivals and parades a wild variety of sound systems can be found perched on bicycles and mounted on cargo machines.

Rigging up bikes and bike trailers for tunes is an unmistakable assertion that the bicycle is your vehicle of choice above all others. One of the most impressive setups that I’ve come across is this setup christened Beatrix. This bicycle beat box is a full scale sound system that has been mounted on a Carry Freedom Y-Frame Large Trailer.

Bikeology has information about this monstrous system and other bike Frankenstein like bike music projects at his link page.

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