Positive feedback: Complimented for cycling?

We discussed here and elsewhere the trash talk from co-workers, acquaintances, family and strangers about our crazy habit of cycling to work. It’s a proven scientific fact, however, that the mere act of being on a bike makes you more attractive. For a dramatic example of this, take a look at my wife’s cousin’s brother-in-law Monty. Here’s a photo of him off of the bike.

Red Skinsuit Man

And here’s Monty when he’s on a bicycle.

Kathy Ireland on a bicycle

I constantly receive comments from co-workers who compliment my fitness and my dedication to helping the environment. This middle aged man apparently enjoyed the attention he received from a teenager, and I’m also the recipient of shouted compliments from attractive young ladies as they express admiration for my backside.

What kind of positive feedback do you receive from people? Do they appreciate your thriftiness, your looks, your athleticism, or your ethics?

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