Chrome knickers are babe magnets

Tim reviewed Chrome’s knickers last year and now I’ve finally gotten a pair. I love them!

New Pants Panda

Tim’s already discussed the form and practicality of the pants, but I’ve discovered another function: women can’t keep their hands and eyes off of them! They love the look and feel of the mid weight four way stretch nylon/spandex fabric and the cut of the knickers. Some comments I’ve received from just a single day of wearing them.

  • Sara (my wife): Oh my, those look yummy. They fit really well on you.
  • Rachel (co-worker): Rich, I love those pants! Your calves look great! (yelled from down the hall as she’s running chasing me)
  • Jen (bus rider): Hi Rich! (eyes drift down) Oooh, those are sooo sexy!! Mmmmm!

Gentlemen, these pants will make you a rock star. As you can see in the above photo, I still have my winter layer of fur on my pale legs and I still got great complements. They even make Tim’s flat tush look sexy.

Made in San Francisco by Chrome Bags. Buy online direct from Chrome or find a Chrome dealer.

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