How To Lock Your Bike

Over at, they have a great (definitive?) article on the best ways to lock your bike and foil bike thieves, called “Lock It or Lose It.” The videos showing public apathy are especially eye-opening.

Here is one tip from the article:

A bottle jack can only be used on a u-lock where there’s space to squeeze in. Fill that space with frame, spokes and security post and the bike thief will choose to breach a u-lock with space.

I found this little tidbit to be a bit saddening:

Cycle theft is a serious disincentive to cycling. According to a French study, only 25 per cent of cyclists re-buy a new bike after a theft, and of these 10 per cent buy a cheaper bike than they had before (20 per cent cheaper on average). A further 23 per cent won’t return to cycling at all.

Lock up your bikes!

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