Bike Boxes in the Bike Lane

Do bike boxes help? Have you ever used one? Do you even know what a bike box is? Here is a picture to help understand:

Pic is from the Seattle Times, who published this article on the subject. I also came across this video with a bit more of an explanation.


I think they are a great idea in principle, basically empowering the cyclist to “take the lane” at the light. This only seems to work when cars are not allowed to turn right on red, which likely reduces the risk of the “right hook” in the first place. I’m sure the big box at least adds to a motorists awareness that there may be bikes nearby but hopefully it doesn’t give cyclists a false sense of safety.


Personally, if I can not establish eye contact with the car in front of or beside me, I assume they can’t see me and make sure I give them room for the right turn, until I establish for sure that they are going straight. Otherwise, I take the lane behind the car turning, so I cannot be overtaken, before the next car gets the opportunity to throw a “right hook”.


Has anyone used one of these? Does it help? Should they be put in everywhere?

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