Weekend Reading

Thought I’d share a couple links for your weekend, bicycle web surfing enjoyment.

From Canada, Standing up for winter cyclists

A nice article in defense of those of us crazy enough to commute by bike in snow and ice.

From Virginia Beach, The Virginian-Pilot gives us Cyclists, drivers clash on use of scenic Pungo roads

A resolution that supports cyclists is drawing some controversy. The resolution encourages city staff to consider cyclists when they design road repavement or maintenance projects. This would mean paving an additional 2-foot-wide stretch of city right-of-way for cyclists at a cost of around $80,000 a mile.

It boils down to cyclists liking the idea of the extra safety in wider streets versus $.

* * * * *

And, of course, you can always peruse our archives … or, go out and ride just for the fun of it sometime this weekend.

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