Listen to music while riding your bike

I don’t wear headphones or earbuds or any other listening device while I ride my bike in heavy city traffic; I feel l should use my hearing to know what’s going on around me. I wouldn’t mind some tunes and maybe the occasional podcast, however, on some portions of my commute.

While some solutions are available, I especially like this low cost possibility with the BevyTech Gadget Bottle. You can attach your cell phone to the 22 ounce water bottle and listen to MP3 tunes through the phone’s external speaker.

The Gadget Bottle is a water bottle with an outside holder for gadgets, snacks, keys, wallet, or other odds and ends.

The Gadget Bottle inventor, Steve Lach of Spokane, WA, created the Gadget Bottle specifically so he could listen to mp3s from his cell phone external speaker while riding his bike. He posted this video demonstrating how he uses the Gadget Bottle with his cell phone (in 29°F weather with 12 inches of snow on the ground).

The Gadget Bottle is made in the USA and sells for $7.50 each plus shipping. I might buy a box just to hand out to my friends. Buy it at Gadget Bottle.

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