Strida and skirt

I’ve mentioned previously that the unique design on the Strida 5.0 folding bicycle prevents anyone in a skirt from riding the bike because the top tube slopes sharply up directly in front of the saddle.

True story: The skinny redhead sashayed into my office this morning and saw the Strida leaning against my desk. “Oooh, zat is very cool,” she said with her German accent. She immediately pulled it out into the hallway to try it out.

“You can’t ride this bike with a skirt on,” I told the redhead.

“Oh nonsense,” she replied as she hiked her skirt up to her hips and bunched the fabric up on the saddle as she hopped on the Strida. The redhead is my height so the saddle adjustment was just fine as she pedaled down the hallway and back. “Oooh, zis is so much fun!”

So if you don’t mind showing a lot of thigh, the Strida can indeed by ridden by those who wear skirts and dresses.

Read more about the Strida 5.0 folding bicycle. I’m at the Sun Eco Summit right now where attendees are oohing and ahing over the Strida.

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