Riding on Sidewalks

I have a good buddy who has decided the time has come for him to begin his own commute by bike. He’ll have a 20 mile round trip that he is bound and determined to ride entirely on sidewalks. I’d tried to talk him out of the sidewalk thing, but he’d prefer to try that first. My guess is that he’ll get comfortable enough to ride the majority of the trip in the streets pretty quickly. We’ll see — at least he is giving it a go.

There is an article on tallahassee.com today that does a great job of talking about sidewalk riding. Rather than recap here, I’ll point you to the article which is a quick and informative read.

I do want to share my favorite quote, which should sum up for those of you who are skimming through your RSS feeds:

“You’d think drivers would see a bicyclist on the sidewalk. But many don’t, Sands said, because the road is a driver’s ‘arc of attention.'”

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