Solar powered bicycle light

Hello everybody, and I hope you all are having a good New Year! Like Tim mentioned, a lot is planned here on Commute By Bike. We have some new writers and I think you’ll like what they have for you.

My dad has been a fan of solar energy for over two decades and over the years he’s sent me a box full of LED lights that are recharged through built-in photovoltaic cells. Unfortunately, all of them are useful only as novelty gadgets, but Cycliciousness mentioned these new solar recharged bike lights from Owleye in Taiwan.

Owleye solar recharging bicycle light

Owleye offers various models of headlights and red taillights featuring one to five Nichia 12,500 mcd LEDs. According to Owleye, the Li-ion batteries take one to three hours to charge, depending on the model, and can provide up to 12 hours of lighting in flashing mode.

This light is available in the United States from 21 Wheels in Boulder, Colorado for US$29.95 + shipping. Canadian members of MEC can purchase the light from MEC for CAD$19.50.

The DIYers might prefer a project like Wheelgirl’s solar powered LED Christmas lights.

Stay lit and stay safe!

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