New Shop on the Verge…

This week at Wandertec Bicycle Cargo Design:
1: Dug out from 2ft of snow.
2: Watched as the workshop is getting achingly close to completion.

The shops is in a bit of chaos now as the buildings are being joined together. Once completed, I’ll be moving the ShopBot and sewing machines all into the same building. The back of the shop will be for manufacturing and the front will be for the office, inventory storage and sewing. Once its complete I’ll be throwing up some pictures. Once were setup and running, I’ll post a few more.

At the moment, I’ve got my operation spread out between the shop, my house, the shed, and a garage across town. But once the shop is complete, it will all come together into one space. Getting the real heating system will be greatly appreciated rather than running propane and electric heaters. Everything will be set to start looking for an employee.

Sales of Bike Cargo Trailers continue on at a decent pace despite the wintry season upon us. I think that the Christmas season is keeping things moving forward at the moment. Once the New Year hits, we can only hope that people start looking forward to the spring ahead.

Progress with the Wandertec mLite bike trailer light continues. We’ve come up with a source in China for the CR2 battery. We will be receiving in our first large order in the coming months and begin introducing them to a variety of bicycle trailer and recumbent suppliers.

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