Carry Freedom's DIY Bamboo

Carry Freedom Bamboo Bike TrailerCarry Freedom Trailers has offered up plans for building a bike cargo trailer with locally available materials. They offer their plans for no cost. Their goal is to encourage the use of bike cargo trailers. By making these plans available, those who cannot afford a manufactured bike cargo trailer are better enabled to build their own trailer.

Carry Freedom is particularly interested in evolving a good Do-It-Yourself bike trailer design for use in 3rd World areas with poor transportation resources. Bike cargo trailers can be used as an essential transportation tool in poor, isolated areas. While bicycles can be found in these parts of the world, bike cargo trailers are often very hard to come by. A basic bike cargo trailer is essentially a simple devise from an engineering and manufacturing view point. It is the type of devise that can be built by its user much more easily than a bicycle itself.

Their trailer is called the “bamboo” however the design can be built with whatever materials are available. The design uses bicycle wheels, usually recycled from an old bicycle. A partial description of the bamboo bike trailer plans are available at the Carry Freedom website. To get the complete plans for their trailer design, send them an email at

The Carry Freedom design, is great for anyone who enjoys DIY projects. While the plans are free, Carry Freedom appreciates any feedback or contributions that you can provide from your experience with building the trailer such as photos, design improvements, website links and anything else to encourage the development of the project.

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