Commuting 101: Winter Cycling? Don't Get Cold Feet!

I was talking with a fellow cyclist at church the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving. I asked him if he was still riding and he told me he had hung it up for the season; he said his feet get too cold. What a coincidence!

A little over a year ago Jason left a brief comment on a post about cold weather gear that was a huge help to me last year. I’d forgotten all about it until the morning after Thanksgiving when the temperatures were in the teens. I headed out on some non-shopping errands and it didn’t take me long to remember the sage advice Jason gave as my toes started to freeze up: cut the corners off plastic shopping bags and stick them in your shoes.


Last year this tip really paid off for me. On really cold mornings I wear two pairs of socks and I put the plastic bag corners between the two pairs. The best part of this … they’re free!

Bag & scissors
First, find a clean, flat surface and gather the required tools.

Oh, who am I kidding? Just cut the corners off a couple plastic bags and you’re done.

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