Google Top 10 in the Top 3

This week at Wandertec:
1. Started the final cap-off to the marketing campaign:
My buddy Ben, my web-marketing guru, and I were discussing the success of the marketing campaign for We concluded that things were looking very good. The key components of the campaign are high results in Google Searches, a well constructed Google AdWords campaign, and a smattering of low-cost advertisements in key bike touring and bike commuting magazines and forums. To cap-off the marketing a little fine tuning to the Google Searches needs to be performed. I will be determining what the top 10 Google keyword searches that lead people to the are such as bike trailer, bike cargo trailer and BOB Trailer. I will then begin a campaign to bring all of my Google searches for these terms into the top 3 of their listings. Ben has suggested quite a few clever tips for making this happen. He suggested registering with Yahoo directories focusing the listing on the important key-words and convincing bloggers to write posts about the that include contextual keyword links.

2. Ordered a new size and style of the Wandertec Cargo Net:
We are switching the Wandertec Cargo Net over to a larger net that should give a little better capacity for items stowed underneath it. I ordered up 200 of this larger size. Unfortunately the company sent me only 50 of them in the correct size and about 150 more in a size that was twice as large, way to big for a bike cargo trailer.

3. Waited for my webhosting company to fix the problems with their servers:
Tuesday and Wednesday were a couple of very irritating days as I waited for, and the all to come back online. I’ve got a low priced webhost and this has put even more fire under my butt to switch the website over to the web hosting company Zoovy or something like it.

4. Stayed warm running my shop heater burning propane:
The new shop complete with natural gas furnace is achingly close to being completed. In the meanwhile its getting quite cold up here in the mountains of Northern Arizona and I’m burning the propane heater to stay warm.

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