Recent bike commuter posts

I’m a little busy now so I’ll just link to a collection of posts from bike commuters around the blog-o-sphere.

  • Bike Chicago gives their tips on winter cycling.
  • Adam reduced his auto insurance rate by $186 per year after he started commuting by bike.
  • Slow Motion gives his tips for motorists in his open letter to “cagers.”
  • Going green doesn’t need to be expensive. Groovy Green notes that winter is a great time to buy good used bike stuff for cheap.
  • Bike friendly cities are family friendly cities.
  • A new bike commuters asks how to dress for the winter bike commute over at Style Forum. I’m sure the smart people here can provide some good tips.
  • Beyond Brilliance likes the idea of a bike bus, which is a group of bike commuters who ride together for safety and socialization.
  • Doug in Duluth posts photos of his wintry snowy bike commute. It almost makes me miss my move from the snowbelt. Almost. 🙂
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