Shot in Seattle

Peter McKay is a wonderfully positive bike commuter in the Seattle area. He was on his regular bike commute from Bellevue, Washington last Thursday night when a random thug shoots him in the chest with BBs that were apparently shot from a .22 handgun. Peter then blogs about this experience from his hospital bed!

Personal safety while cycling was one of the more common requests in my “Ask the Experts” open forum. I’ve been researching this issue and will have an article on this topic completed soon. I’ve interviewed local police, a martial arts expert, and my dad. My dad was a crisis management consultant who specialized in protection of VIPs and company executives in high risk locations. When my friends were learning to drive, my dad was teaching me anti-terrorist driving techniques like spinning the car 180 degrees while driving in reverse from the passenger seat. I hope to have this article ready later this week.

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