Cholesterol Condition Coaxes Canadian Commuter Cruz

From the Vancouver Sun comes another nice feature on someone else who has discovered the joy that comes from a commute by bike. Oscar Cruz was told by his doctor that he was overweight and had cholesterol problems that would require a prescription that would eventually cause liver damage. Cruz, determined to get off the prescription, bought a cheap bike and began his commute.

When he started 18 months ago his trip took him three hours each way. Now he is down to 50 minutes each way and has lost 35 pounds. He’s hooked and has upgraded the bike and commutes year-round. He still has cholesterol problems but “is managing his health without medication, thanks to all the cycling and an hour of weight training daily.”

My favorite quote:

He attributes his safety record to the fact he isn’t an extremely fast rider. “I’m pretty aware of my surroundings. If I see somebody turning and they don’t seem to be aware of me, I stop and let them go.”

Read the entire article HERE.

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