Home Bike Storage

A while back we ran a poll to see how you stored your bikes at work. I thought about doing another poll about home bike storage but, let’s face it gang, there are just too many options and too many combinations. There are 11 bikes in my garage at the moment, three of them are mine. We have 4 hanging from the ceiling on the old traditional hooks from the hardware store. Whenever we clean out the garage the others start off in nice, orderly rows in the back corner (that lasts about 10 hours).

I searched around a bit to see what other options are out there and found 3 pages of results on Amazon. The results ran the gamut of my beloved yellow hooks to an elaborate system of cables and pulleys.

Single Bike Hook
I like the idea of the Leonardo Single Bike Hook (shown above), but the bikes will stand out from the wall quite a bit.

If I just had a couple of bikes to worry about, I think I’d love the Cycloc (not on the Amazon list). I sent the Cycloc folk a note to ask if they are available outside of the UK and they are.

“…the Cycloc is available outside the UK – we can supply international customers directly via FedEx dispatch.”

So, rather than come up with a poll that has hundreds of choices — why not comment on what you use? Might give someone a good idea that they’d not thought of…

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