CELLOing to EuroBike

This Past Few Weeks at Wandertec:1. Added loads of info and options into the Bike Cargo Trailers at the BikeTrailerShop.com.2. Purchased a Toyota Corolla for the business.3. Sent Joe and John of VooDoo Cycles off with some demo CELLOs on their trip to EuroBike.4. Ordered a bunch of 20″ tires and bike trailer tubes to expand my offerings of Bike Trailer tires and tubes.I’ve been expecting orders to slow down at the BikeTrailerShop.com with the end of summer approaching so I could get to work on some other projects. Rather than that the last few weeks have been busy as ever. I definitely can’t complain though. Sales are a good thing. I just might have hired someone sooner if I had knows things would continue on at this pace. I know it has got to slow down a bit more in Sept. & Oct. though.I took the new Corolla up to Zion canyon for Labor Day Weekend. I was amazed when I first checked the mileage and calculated it at 45 mpg. I’ve been working on keeping the speed below 70 and slowing my accelerations to improve my mileage. With my Corolla on the highway and bikes and bike cargo trailers around town I’m definitely getting better gas mileage then I would with just using a hybrid. I’m still a fan of the Plug-In-Hybrid concept however and plan on jumping into one as soon as they are available.

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