Commuting 101: Save Your Night Vision

Earlier this summer my buddy John, my son Peter and I (along with around 1,000 other cyclists) took part in the Lenexa Midnight Bike Ride. The coolest part of the 12 mile run was the 2 miles we spent riding through some industrial caves. As you can see, the caves are well lit.

Riding the caves

Once you left the caves, there were a few lights, but some long stretches where there were no lights except the ones you’re sporting.


As we were coming to the end of the cave run, I mentioned a tip that neither John or Peter had heard before; it’s an old trick artillery gunners use which I first read about in a Tom Clancy novel long, long ago (1986): Close one eye. Yep, it’s as simple as that. When you’re in the light and headed for the dark, close one eye for a half minute — once you get to the dark spot, open that eye and you’ll have your night vision and will be able to see that pedestrian or the patch of loose gravel. I use this trick every day when I’m getting ready to ride under an overpass or through a tunnel. Give it a try next time you’re headed for that shadowy, gloomy spot.

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