Interesting BOB Uses Part 2

A couple of months ago I posted Interesting BOB Uses Part 1. This post had an alternative energy theme

For this go around I’ll explore the realm of home & garden, Home Depot meets your BOB Trailer.

BOB Trailer Lawnmower ConversionThis is about the coolest lawnmower you’ll ever see anywhere.

BOB Trailer Table ConversionIt sure is nice to have a nice flat surface for cooking on while bike touring. With these BOB trailer fittings your BOB becomes a perfect table.

BOB Trailer Grill ConversionA BOB grill? I’ve got many doubts about what this would do to your trailers structural integrity and cleanliness . I also wonder how long it will take to burn off the paint before you can grill. It does make for an entertaining picture though.

Tool Rack on BOB TrailerBOB Trailers makes a handy BOB ToolRAX to carry tools for trail working. But for even capacity here is a Do-It-Yourself BOB Trailer modification that leaves room for a tool box, chainsaw or a case of beer in the cargo area of the trailer.

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