Any folders in the fold?

Folding bike maker Dahon recently reported record sales for the first half of 2007, with unit numbers and revenue at all time highs for the small California company.

On my commute in the San Francisco Bay Area, I see a variety of folding bikes from Bike Friday, Brompton and other vendors, but I see more Dahons by far than any other bike. With public transportation also at record usage in the Bay Area, folding bikes are a popular option to deal with capacity issues on multimodal commutes. The people riding and toting these bikes are generally dressed “business casual,” though I see several men and women also riding them in more standard office wear. A couple of my co-workers ride Dahon folding bikes, keeping them in the trunks of their cars and using the bikes for lunch time rides or trips to local restaurants. Bike Hugger suggests using folders as part of a multi-modal commute with cars and the folding bike.

Are there any folding bike users here? What kind of folder do you have and how do you use it?

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